Wednesday, June 17, 2009

TLA talk

Today at the office, I received an email asking my input regarding some marketing initiatives we are doing specific to our own blogging. Among the items for review was the CTA.

Now, I'm fairly versed in TLA's (three letter acronyms). I'm cool with the meanings of a variety of top of mind (TOM) TLAs: ABC, CBS, CBC, NBC, QVC, HBO, CNN, TBS, TNT, IRL, IRA, CSS, CSX, DCC, DOA, ETA, VHS, VHC, DNA, DND, DNS, DSL, ENT, DFW, LAX, IND, ORL, FFA, FOP, FPO, FSA, TSA, FTP, RAM, ROM, GIF, JPG, TIF, DOC, PDF, PNG, HMO, HIV, PAC, ISP, KFC, KKK, LED, MBA, MBE, MGD, MIT, NEC, NPR, NWA, NOW, NYC, PMA, PMS, TLC, PSP, POW, MIA, SOS, JFK, MLK, FDR, FBI, CIA, MIA, FCC, FDA, DNC, RNC, NBA, NFL, NHL, CHL, IHL, MLB, MLS, PGA, PBA, ESP, SAT, SBC, SNL, STD, SUV, TBA, DND, UHF, VHF, UFO, USO, URL, USD, UPC, WTC, WWF (x2), WWW, WHO... and maybe another one or two (hundred).

But, with CTA I had met my match. My mind raced. Options seemed everywhere, but its true meaning eluded me. I thought perhaps customer tracking analysis or corporate training availability or critical task anomaly or ... I finally gave up. 

Oh, the answer? Call to action. I then remembered one more... WTF?

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Judy said...

Which of course, means well that's fine. See, I'm good at these games, too.