Friday, June 19, 2009

Because it doesn't belong in a Rolodex...

Here's a funny satire with a guy bragging about his expensive business card while goofing on everyday, normal cards. I love the actor in this and some of the lines are brilliant ("looks like crap... it is crap")

Please watch the clip and then read the comments below from the YouTube link. I've kept the misspellings, incorrect sentence structure and lack of coherent thought intact for maximum realism: 
  • i would throw it away, it doesnt fit in my wallet, im not gonna hold onto it and just carry it around, its inconvenient, i would just get rid of it immediately
  • How many ways can you say douche bag?
  • This guy has some good points, but I wonder how he builds crowds "guaranteed" if people don't like him?
  • Highly efficient people like this often have a lot of money and few real friends...
  • His card is one of the most impressive looking business cards I've seen. The first impression is the most important in a business. He talks like a crazy dude, but he said it himself "even if they don't like you, they won't throw it out"
  • I guarantee I can do a b-card faster than 25 years pal...that's for sure!
  • lol douche... 25 freaking years... in that time you could make a hologram card dammit
  • That would not be considered a business card that is a flyer... but a great flyer indeed sir!
  • My business card is cooler than this, and more memorable. It came to me instantaneously. Also, this feller's business card doesn't fit in a card book, and because it looks more like a flier than a card, I'd be more apt to chuck it. Plus, I don't like the guy. Business is about relationships, and this guy instantly makes me want to wash my hands.
For now, I will assume most of these ass-clowns believe the WWF is sport, the Simpsons is a documentary set in Springfield, Illinois, and the phone company had JFK whacked. Because knowing these people also drive, vote and can legally carry guns scares the shit out of me...

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