Friday, June 19, 2009

It was funny then...

I've always followed the career of a fantastic graphic designer, Jerry Herring (Herring Design, Houston), in part because of a close connection to a family friend, but also because of Jerry's terrific sense of humor.  

One of Herring Design's many memorable self promotions is now a part of the American Institute of Graphic Arts permanent collection – a brochure of Stock Trademarks sent out to friends, clients and prospects in 1975. 

At that time, this was a brilliant concept: "Are you in need of a dynamic new image... but you are hesitant to act because of the expense and uncertainty of selecting an image... that is precisely why [we have] produced this collection... [These] are not only inexpensive, but can be used for almost any company... All the designs are available in black, green and blue. A few are available in red. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery"

A sample for your pleasure, the Arrow Trademark (please note: Specify whether going straight up or to the right):

Other offerings included a star (perfect for those doing movie, government or occult work. Special clearance needed to do red) and a crest (especially good for new restaurants in need of a long history). 

Herring immediately knew he was onto something when he began receiving calls specific to pricing... 

Fast forward to today and online offerings for "entire brand packages" from $99 and it's painfully obvious that Herring was ahead of his time. Only now, it isn't nearly as funny.

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