Friday, September 25, 2009

Great play, bad call

As the world's biggest Arizona Cardinals fan, I've seen my share of horrific football. Yet, on occasion, they play inspired. Watch Antrel Rolle's blocked field goal return for a touchdown last Sunday against Jacksonville and listen to FOX's Chris Meyers call the play. Typically, an exciting play like this elicits something a little more... inspired than Meyers' offering.

"...And Antrel Rolle (18 yard line a full 60 yards after he caught it) ... will glide (5 yard line)... into the end zone FOR A TOUCHDOWN! (15 yards deep into the end zone, ball already dropped to the ground)." Was Chris even in the stadium or is it like Formula One where the announcers are in a US studio watching a feed? Rolle actually returned the ball 78 yards, but Chris didn't really become interested until he crossed the Jags' 20.

Thankfully Al Michaels was the play by play guy for the Miracle on Ice. Had it been Chris, perhaps the call would've been more like, "Did you see what just happened?"

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